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Any ideas how to earn from my blog

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  • Any ideas how to earn from my blog

    We have a travel related blog and really need to make some money even to just pay for expenses of running the blog, we have tried Google adsence but no one ever clicks on them any ideas.

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    Google adsence will never work unless your website has a very large number of visitors through each day, but there are many other ways to make money from your website, you can join affiliate programs that are travel related or if you have a good amount of traffic you could build a directory type website and charge to advertise there travel related businesses.


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      You could some of the affiliate programs that are available you need to join the ones that are relevant to your websites content and promote the links through your blog posts etc.


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        We tried the Amazon affiliate program and did not make one sale through our website with these type of programs you need to try and drive the right traffic through your website, then grab there attention with product reviews etc to try and get them to buy through your affiliate links it is a ton of work though.