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Shopping extension for Joomla

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  • Shopping extension for Joomla

    Any one that can recommend a good online shopping extension for a Joomla website, we have looked at the open source ones like Virtuemart but they look very complected to use, we need online payments as well through paypal, we already have an existing website that we need to add a shop to.

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    Virtuemart is probably the most widely used and the most popular eCommerce extension for Joomla and it is also free to use, you will not find any of the extensions easy to use for eCommerce websites you need to load all your products write descriptions for the products etc and this takes alot of time and patience, i would try Virtuemart first and just stick with it if it works there are other extensions that would do the same job but they would be just as complicated to use and learn.


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      There are a few extensions available for Joomla websites to set up your online shop Hikashop is one we have used before and the best thing is that it is free to use from there website, the extension is fairly complicated to use but you will soon understand in a short time.